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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Perfect Concealer.

Hello Friends!!

Today post will be about my new favourite concealer, the Diorskin Star concealer. Dior have many kind of concealer like the stick forms and the highlighter one. I pick this one up because I like the applicator and the packaging look classic but beautiful.

When it come to concealer, I prefer one that can cover my redness and not too dry because my skin tend to be combination to dry skin. Every day I need to wear make up, I just do my usual skincare followed by sunscreen and follow by my concealer. It does the job well by covering my redness and at the end of the day (usually evening), it still on my face.

At first I think why I need that expensive concealer because the collection concealer still does their job, but after my face experience a lot of break out from the Maybelline mineral concealer and my skin was dry and the collection if too dry for my skin, I decided to give this one a try. This doesn't break me out at all and the coverage is good. It doesn't dry and as my skin tend to be oily around T zone during the day, this doesn't gone off.

I would say this concealer is my new favourite ever thought it's a bit expensive for the concealer, but it worth the price. I use it everyday since I bought it about a month ago and soar it works very well.

Do you fancy trying new product?

See you next time <3

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